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Four Fatty Gunners is a shooter game where that you can play with your friend! Your objective is to shoot down your enemies as one of the 4 different “fatties” in the game. There are 4 different gunners 10 bosses 11 weapons and much more that await you in this action packed shooter. While the name might be a reason to want to avoid the game, when you and your friend start competing for kills you might just realize how fun this game can be.


Player 1

– Use the WASD to move

– To Shoot hit the J key

– To dash use K

– To charge hold the J

Player 2

– To move use the arrow keys

– To shoot use the 5 located on the number pad

– To dash use the 6 on the number pad.

– To charge hold down the 6 on the number pad.

Game Stats

221 plays

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